Hypnolab VR

Developer: Outbreak Games

Role: Technical Art, 3D Art & Animation, Character Design

Release Date: Winter 2018

Genre: VR Simulator

One of my client projects, a VR hypnotism simulator. Here’s an excetp from the itch.io page linked at the button below.


You need an HTC Vive to play in virtual reality. A Windows build is available for regular 3d game play without a vive. Linux, Mac, and android builds are not currently available.

The current build is an Alpha build, and not all items have full functionality yet. The game is still being updated, and future builds will add more functionality to the game. It is recommended that you have at least a minimum level VR capable PC even if you do not have a VR headset to run the desktop version.

Join the Dr. Kady Psyche as a new intern at the Ivory Peaks Corporation in her experimental hypnolab! Test out strange devices, alter minds, and push the boundaries of science!

Our simulator places you in the laboratory itself, and Dr. Psyche is happy to play the test subject. Interact with your environment in first person as you explore her strange laboratory.

And here’s a gallery of some of the content.



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