The Couch (Sample)

Developer: Momoirosoft

Role: Design, Story, Art, Animation, Characters

Release Date: Currently Undetermined

Genre: Sex Sim

About Momo Iro Soft

With my friend MiNT¬†we have started a studio for handling and organizing contract work along with developing our own games and products. The Couch is our first release now in its Demo form. It’s a project i’ve been wanting to dedicate time to for a long time, but lacked the time due to taking client work and a programmer.

But now having a proper programmer (MiNT) the project is coming to life, and support of the project through our patreon will help us to be able to focus time on the project among other things to give back to the Hentai Game community!

Here’s an except from the tons of info on our Patreon page on what Momo Iro is all about:

Momo Iro Software is taking the best of eastern and western adult game development and combining them into one studio. Rather than running a Patreon as solo creators, we assembled a team to deliver the production value of Japanese lewd games while also capitalizing on the creativity and out of the box thinking that has come to define western lewd games.

We aim to provide fans with:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly builds of our original games
  • Sneak peeks at our commissioned projects (when we have the permission to do so)
  • Original lewd artwork
  • Minigames and experimental dev builds or prototypes
  • Free-to-use assets for your own games (as long as you give attribution!)

The Couch

The Couch features my Naomi character, and often dishonest girl untrusting of people, and in this story she’s hiding something the player has already long discovered. Things come to a head when the Player confronts Naomi and from there the player makes choices and takes actions to determine the outcome of the encounter. RIght now the demo merely demonstrates my animation ability and introduces a sexy character. But the proper game will be far more in depth in all of gameplay, animation, and scenes with Naomi.

You can play the demo online on at reduced quality (due to browser stuff) or at full 4K capable quality by downloading on our page.

For some extra details here’s some of the promo images that appear at the end of the demo.

If you like what you’ve seen so far be sure to click the “Fund” button below! Thank you!

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