The Little Black Bestiary: ADT

Developer: Cyber Scherzo

Role: Character Design, Character Painting, Background Painting

Release Date: May 2018

Genre: Dating Sim VN

A game project I did Character design, and painted backgrounds and H scenes for. Here’s an except from the page linked below.

Welcome to the multiverse’s #1 dating site! Where you can meet the monster, human, alien, robot, demon, elf,  or other sexy single sapient being of your dreams!

The Little Black Bestiary is an episodic dating sim, with each episode being a story about a human who joins an unusual specialty dating site and romances a ‘monster’ (Or other different kind of non-human fantasy race.) Most episodes (this one included) contain NSFW content and are not suitable for players under the age of 18.

This is our ‘pilot episode,’ so to speak, in which the player goes on a date with Isabel, a dragon-girl with a massive small otaku streak. Can romance bloom in the local comic shop?

This episode is now officially out of beta with it’s 1.0 release!

And here’s a gallery of my work.

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