3D Naomi POV Animation

After a 2 year hiatus from 3D to focus on 2D I’m shifting to 3D again for some personal work and hopefully some game projects soon. For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve focused on this Naomi character, modeling her, rigging her, and over the last 3-4 days animating her. Unfortunately I couldn’t dedicate as much time to this as I’d like as I have client work to focus on. But I achieved what I wanted to do.

This project will be a gateway into creating lots of girls in the future so look forward to that.

Also if the video above isn’t high enough quality, here’s a Dropbox link to watch on your own time or upload wherever 😀

Here’s a few additional images that will be added to a sub gallery later on this site. Along with a Sketchfab embed so you can see her in real-time yourself (plus some glitches…). I hadit on sketchfab but unfortunately they deleted my model, what the hell is the point of the 18+ tag? I see several other artists posts clearly adult animations there, but their posts are private so maybe i’ll try that later or you’ll see a unity webviewer of her…

Update 7/8/2017: I finally reuploaded her without the animation…but also without panties…enjoy.

And lastly some development gif files. I’ve learned a lot about rigging over the past week. Naomi is rigged in part with blender Rigify (pitchipoy) plus my own changes doing things like adding toes, pussy gape, anal gape, boob and ass movement, some parenting changes and other improvements. Right now the rig is 100% bone based but i do intend to add blend shapes/morph targets soon as a second phase to improving her quality.