Website Launched!

Welcome to, a domain name I chose cause the name “Sacb0y” using that “zero” would fuck me up with people typing it in, and “Sacboy” would probably get me sued. So coupled with the trend of “.moe” domains I figured short and sweet would be good…

Anyway point of this site is to post my work and have an easy to access space where everything is located. I’ll still post twitter and pixiv regularly. But sites like tumblr will be relegated to auto-posting from posts made here only, since that site seems to suppress NSFW accounts across everything which makes it mostly a waste of time.

You’ll also notice a games section to promote my personal projects or any projects I’m currently associated with, and where to find those games to download, fund or buy them.

If you like this site and want help making your own NSFW Art site, or want to contact me for any reason (like commissions and junk) feel free to email me. Or use the contact form I’ll be adding here in due time.